A student-to-student support network for sexual abuse victims.

Mission Statement

We seek to establish a sense of community and empower victims to be their own biggest advocates.

Otero.ca is a student-led introductory resource providing empathetic and unqualified support.

In addition to providing information on external professional support services, Otero.ca informs on how to support affected friends and family, and ways to confront and dismantle the damaging social stigmas that surround sexual violence.

Otero.ca promises to remain free and confidential.

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1What happens after I start a chat with Otero?

We’re here to listen and to chat with you—however you’re feeling, this is a space for you to confide, vent, or to just talk with someone who understands what you’re feeling and experiencing. In addition answering any questions you may have, we can also set you up with support services, such as therapy/counselling and reporting resources in your area—either on or off-campus.

2 What is victim-blaming? Why is it damaging to victims?

Victim-blaming in the context of sexual violence is when a victim is wrongfully held responsible for an act of sexual violence committed against them. Victim-blaming attitudes that misidentify the cause of the sexual violence as the victims rather than the perpetrators and rape culture can cause further trauma to the victim and prevent them from seeking and receiving crucial support.

3How can I best support an affected loved one?

You can best support an affected loved one by providing support and by responding to their experiences with compassion. Do not impose judgement on them or blame them for their experiences. Recognize and respect the individual’s boundaries: they may choose only to disclose some details of their experiences, and the decision to report to authorities is solely their own.

4I attend highschool/college/university. What does the process of reporting an experience typically look like?

It is entirely your choice whether or not to report an experience of sexual violence. If you choose to report, you may do so through your educational institution or through your local police department. The process of reporting through your educational institution may differ depending on the type of instituion you attend.

If you’re a student in the U.S., you may file a formal report with your institution’s Title IX coordinator or file with Title IX independently.
Title IX does not apply in Canada. If you’re a Canadian student, you have the option of approaching your guidance counselor or your institution’s office that handles sexual violence cases.

Whichever route you choose, Otero will guide and support you through the process.

For more information regarding the reporting of sexual violence cases, please visit the External Resources section.

More to come...

External Resources

Helplines Available 24/7

RAINN (Free & Confidential Sexual Violence Hotline)

Call: (800)656-HOPE

Anti-Violence Project (UVic)

Call: (250)472-4388

Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter

Call: (604)872-8212

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre (Vancouver-based)

Lower Mainland : (604)255-6344
National Toll-Free : +1-877-392-7583

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